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If you are looking to dress up a smaller area of your house, or want to see the durability of stone before making a bigger decision, a bathroom vanity may be an option for you. With new material being used each week, we have a wide selection of colors to choose from. We can also assist you in finding the perfect size sink, be it a top mount or undermount as well as proper fixtures.

TABLETOPS From executive conference tables to smaller breakfast areas, Athena Granite & Marble has you covered. A great addition to the home or office, a granite tabletop is sure to be a conversation piece with durability able to withstand the wear of daily use. Whether it is something on paper or in your mind, we love the challenge of bringing ideas and applications to life.

FIREPLACES Fireplace surrounds are a great addition to any fireplace you may have. Whether you choose to do just a portion of the fireplace, or encase the whole area with stone, it definitely makes for an eye catching focal point of a room.

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With several options available, there is sure to be an application for everyone.

OUTDOOR BARS Who in Florida does not love being outdoors? What better way to serve up some BBQ than on some gorgeous natural stone. Aside from being one of the most sanitary cooking surfaces, it can handle the heat, mess, climate, etc. There is no warping to worry about, looks great in our Florida sunshine, and makes for a perfect entertaining area. Take a look at our pictures and see exactly what we are talking about.

Things to know about these types of projects ↓

Here are a few suggested items to be aware of before & during your project with Athena Granite & Marble.

GRANITE SELECTION Prior to being cut or fabricated all stone should be selected and approved by the customer, unless the customer signs waiver and does not wish to approve slabs. Additionally, layout of veining and seams is at Athena's discretion, unless customer requests otherwise.

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INSTALLATION If Athena is scheduled to install countertops onto cabinets that are not newly–installed (remodel scenario), please have all items removed from the cabinets and placed in a separate room so that they will not infringe on space that the installers may require.

CHANGES OR ADDITIONS Any changes or revisions to the specifications listed on the proposal must be included on a signed change order and may result in additional charges to the customer, as well as a delay of installation date.

BAR TOPS In a new construction scenario, a high bar will require wooden (or other) trim installation underneath the granite where it meets the wall that it sits upon. This is for aesthetic purposes and Athena is not responsible for providing or installing this trim.

In a remodel scenario, wooden or other trim will need to be removed from underneath the high bar. Athena installers will remove the trim but are not responsible for replacing it or for any damage that may occur to the trim during its removal.