Kitchen Counter Tops

Kitchen Countertops

Granite Kitchen Countertops It's hard to beat the beauty of natural stone, and it shows. Granite countertops consistently top the "most wanted" list, due in part to their durability and rich composition.

Athena’s Process ↓

  1. Finalizing details, Granite / Marble selections, Deposit
  2. Changes or Additions (Recommended at this time)
  3. Field Measurements / Template Scheduled
  4. Fabrication Process
  5. Delivery, Set up, & Installation

Things to know about this type of project ↓

Here are a few suggested items to be aware of before & during your project with Athena Granite & Marble.

APPLIANCES & PASS-THROUGH WINDOWS All appliances, such as cooktops and ovens must be present at job site at time of field measure. Dishwashers must be present at time of installation so that Athena may secure a natural wooden strip to the granite countertops (customer must provide wood strip that matches cabinetry finish, if desired) which is used as a shim between the stone and the top of the dishwasher. On installation day all appliances must be moved from the kitchen prior to installation. Athena will not be responsible for incidental damages to appliances left in the kitchen during installation of the granite tops.

If you have a slide-in range, 3cm (1.25-inch) thick granite is recommended. If 2cm (3/4-inch) thick granite is used, there will be a void remaining between the countertop and the lip of the stove. This is because the minimum height of a standard slide-in range is higher than a 2cm countertop installed on a standard 36-inch high cabinet base. Athena will not be responsible for correcting this void.

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If you have a pass-through window with a track, there will also be a void if you are replacing laminate or solid surface countertops with 2cm (3/4-inch) thick granite tops. Athena will not be responsible for correcting this void.

BACKSPLASHES All backsplashes include a flat polished edge and are made with material the same thickness as countertops.

If you have existing tile on the walls behind the countertops, keep the following in mind: The granite backsplash must be cut straight. If the bottom row of tile is not completely straight, the backsplash will not form to the tile and there may be gaps in some areas. Therefore, the granite backsplash will be measured to meet the lowest point of the tiles and will maintain a uniform height along the entire length of the backsplash.

OVERHANG If there is overhang of 6-inches or more (such as on a high bar, island, peninsula, or where the granite top extends past the cabinet base or knee wall) support is required. The customer is responsible for providing any necessary brackets, corbels, or bracing needed to support overhang (if not purchased from Athena). If no supports / non-adequate supports are available at the time of installation, Athena will not install the granite. In these cases, a fee for a return trip will be charged when Athena returns to complete the installation.

COUNTERTOP REMOVAL If Athena is contracted to remove any existing countertops, we are only responsible for disconnection of plumbing and electrical (the customer is responsible for reconnection or any additional plumbing or electrical work). Athena will not be responsible for any damage to drywall/walls, sinks, or faucets during the countertop removal process. Countertops, sinks, and faucets will be removed from the job site and disposed of by Athena unless otherwise noted on the contract. Athena cannot guarantee any existing tops will be removed in one piece or without damage or breakage. Removal of any appliance garages, upper cabinets, columns, windows, tracks, or other fixtures aside from actual countertops will be the customer's responsibility

Removal of existing tops is usually required to be done at the time of field measure in order for accurate measurements to be taken. The installers are not certified plumbers nor are they permitted to reconnect any plumbing following the measuring or templating.

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SINKS AND FAUCETS Your undermount sink(s) must be at the job site when we template or field measure for granite countertops. If they are not available at that time you will be responsible for delivering the sink(s) to Athena at least three days prior to your installation date.

Undermount sink openings are cut into the granite according to the template that the sink manufacturer provides with the sink. The customer must convey any preference for specifications that vary from the manufacturer's template at the time of field measure with written acknowledgement by Athena.

Drop-in sinks are not required to be present until the time of installation at which time Athena will cut the opening for the sink(s).

Customer must provide all faucets, sprayers, soap dispensers, or any other dispensers at time of countertop installation. Customers may need to verify the desired location for the holes to be drilled.

If you are using undermount sinks in a bathroom vanity top, please be aware that Kohler model 2211 will not work with any standard cabinet base because the sink is too large and does not allow room for any faucets.

If you wish to be supplied with any of the granite pieces that are remaining from sink cutouts, you must tell the field measurer. If you would like any cutting or fabrication done (such as edge polishing) there will be additional charges per piece.

PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL Athena is not responsible for any plumbing or electrical work. If you are getting full granite backsplashes, longer than average screws will be required for electrical outlets, which Athena does not supply. If any backsplashes infringe upon electrical outlets, the outlets may need to be relocated by an electrician.

If you are using an undermount sink, a plumber should be scheduled for the day following the completion of the countertop installation. The silicone used to attach the sink to the stone should set overnight, at a minimum, before the plumbing work is performed.