Granite Information

Things to know about granite

Athena Granite & Marble is always looking to improve the time it takes from the beginning of a project to the end. One of the key ingredients in that process is you!! One of the two things we ask of you is the actual selection of your slab(s) of natural stone, and the second is finalizing all sink issues. Most customers actually enjoy the hands on approach as it gives them a sense of security knowing they are getting exactly what was chosen, and not what was seen on a small sample. If you are not purchasing your sink through us, the sink itself or the manufacture template (usually found in sink box) needs to be sent to our shop in order for us to cut the proper opening. This only applies to under mount sinks as top mount sinks will be cut on site.

On the day of your scheduled installation we also ask that you have all sink fixtures, faucets, etc. on the job site. These small details help greatly and guaranty our short turn around time.

How granite is produced?

Geologists classify granite as an igneous rock. The slow cooling and crystallization of molten material called magma forms most granite.

Magma has the same chemical composition as granite. It forms from rocks that melt 16 to 25 miles below the surface of the continents. These rocks melt at temperatures between 1200 and 1650 F. As the magma rises, it cools.

Most granite magma cools slowly enough to form coarse crystals and it solidifies below the earth's surface. Once it is solid, it can then be mined into slab form.

Granite Quick Facts ↓

  • Nearly impossible to scratch.
  • Accepts hot pots and pans directly from stove top or oven.
  • Does not harbor Bacteria.
  • Generally will last forever under normal conditions.

Granite Durability ↓

Granite is the hardest natural surface you can install for your kitchen countertops. Second only to diamonds in terms of hardness, granite is an increasingly popular natural surface. One of the main advantages of granite is its extremely heat resistance.

Natural Stone Maintenance  ››

Athena Restoration is proud of its 3-Step Process which is based on an eco-friendly vapor cleaning – a powerful cleaning device that uses very little water and electricity to clean, sanitize and deodorize virtually any surface without chemicals.

We care about providing you and your family safe, chemical-free treatments.

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